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Caesar Interviews

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Caesar Interviews

Post by Annie Odair on 30th January 2012, 12:42 am

Here, the tributes are interviewed by: No other than Caesar Flickerman! How does the interview help the tributes? Just like it usually does. It makes people like you better. You can get sponsored, or just make some new friends! Smile
Here is how your interview goes. Caesar, will look at your filled out interview and based off your personality and charm, will give you a score from 1-12. You are based on how much you know about the Hunger Games and about your personality.

Read all 3 books: {YES OR NO, IF NO, WHICH HAVE YOU READ?}
What are 10 characters in the books:
Name 7 tributes names: {THESE MIGHT BE FROM TWO BOOKS}
Gale's Weapon:
Who is Seneca Crane:
How old is Katniss in her first Hunger Games:
A little about you:

You need to know the answer to those questions and possibly more.
Caesar will fill copy your answers onto the form. And your score will be calculated.
These are by chatbox. The forms for each tribute will be posted here by Caesar. People who are planning to sponsor can read the interviews and choose who they want to sponsor.

The date of the interviews are: The first of July,
The first of February, and the first of December.
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